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 PC Tuneup/Cleanup


Here is how we tuneup your PC’s system. When does your computer need a tuneup? It’s quite easy to tell. There are a few solid signs you should clean up computer: You’re running out of disk space. Startup takes ages. Apps and browsers load way to slow. Desktop is full of files and folders. You can’t find the files you need in the mess. Programs quit unexpectedly and misbehave. This is how we clean your PC means taking all your unwanted files, delete them,. System cleaning is a trickier part where you have to dig into Windows folders and remove system files that clutters your system. There’s also additional part of browser cleaning and uninstalling old programs (or applications). All file you want to save you must transfer them to flash drive or we can do it for you. 

It also includes hard drive scan and all needed window updates.


Monthly Special


Every month we offer a discount on one of our services. We believe in providing professional services at reasonable rates.


Our Guarantee

Rez Computer Services guarantee provides peace-of-mind computer repair and technology service. We take tremendous pride in our service and we stand behind every repair we do with our 100% Total Satisfaction Guarantee..

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