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Payment Policy 


Payment is due at time of pickup All computers that are left after 30 days and no attempts have been made to contact us, there will additional charge of $5.00 a day. After 60 days the computer is considered abandon and come property of Rez Computer Services. Our Collection Policy Any equipment left with Rez Computer Services and unclaimed for 30 days, will be disposed off to recover our costs incurred while carrying out a service or repair. After this period, Rez Computer Service shall have no liability to the Client or any third party. Non Compatibility Software The Client understands and accepts that some software applications may no longer work correctly after a repair has taken place. This may be due to the installation of the latest hardware or software. It is therefore the Client’s responsibility to reinstall or reconfigure these applications. Backing Up Data Rez Computer Services will make every possible effort to preserve the Client’s data and files, however it should be noted that there are NO GUARANTEES whatsoever that the Clients data and files will remain intact after the repairs. IT IS THEREFORE THE CLIENT’S SOLE RESPONSIBILITY TO ENSURE THAT ALL THE DATA AND INFORMATION STORED ON THE COMPUTER EQUIPMENT REQUIRING REPAIRS IS APPROPRIATELY BACKED UP TO OTHER STORAGE DEVICES PRIOR TO HANDING OVER FOR REPAIRS. Charges will be incurred if Rez Computer Service has to perform a lengthy backup procedure to protect the Clients own data in order to complete the repairs. We cannot be held responsible for the following during the repairs: Loss or corruption of data, files, information or records; Any loss of business goodwill Any losses attributed to the interruption to business activity while equipment is out of service for repairs Failure by the Client to follow our reasonable recommendations, instructions and advice to back up data Any losses you may suffer arising from failure to use anti-virus software Any loss considered to be unforeseeable Damage resulting from viruses or other malicious software that may have been transmitted during servicing or repairs and therefore escaped detection Rez Computer Service will not be liable for any damage caused to other equipment by parts supplied following any repair. 


Monthly Special


Every month we offer a discount on one of our services. We believe in providing professional services at reasonable rates.


Our Guarantee

Rez Computer Services guarantee provides peace-of-mind computer repair and technology service. We take tremendous pride in our service and we stand behind every repair we do with our 100% Total Satisfaction Guarantee..

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